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General Studies: Freshman Studies
University of Mississippi
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  • It’s OK not to know.

    • You’re not alone. Fifteen percent of the current freshman class entered as undeclared.
    • You’ll have support. The Office of Freshman Studies and the Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience were specifically created to assist you as you explore your options.
    • You’ll figure it out. Ole Miss offers more than 80 majors. By the time you’ve earned 60 hours, you’ll be in one of them!
    • You still qualify for scholarships. Most freshman scholarships are not limited to students who have declared a major.
    • You can stay on track for graduation. A majority of freshmen take the same classes as part of the University’s core curriculum regardless of major.

    Keeping Your Options Open?

    Entering the University of Mississippi as a Freshman Studies student gives you the chance to explore your interests and compare majors before you make your final decision. In fact, the largest cohort of entering freshmen at Ole Miss have not yet selected a major.

    Keep in mind as you explore, though, that your major does not always determine your career, and that college grads use what they learn during their college education in a wide variety of career fields.

    Skilled advisors in the Center for Student Success and First Year Experience (CSSFYE) will guide you in choosing classes during your first three semesters that will help you explore your interests while building the basic liberal arts core the University requires. Your goal is to declare a major by your fourth semester.

    This website has resources and activities to get you started.